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Patrol Services in Roseville, Michigan

Keep your family safe and secure when you hire Dusing Security & Surveillance of Roseville, Michigan, for neighborhood patrol services. For a reasonable monthly fee, we patrol homes and neighborhoods in:

  • North Rosedale Park
  • Indian Village
  • West Village
  • The Berry Sub
  • Boston Edison District

There must be at least 150 homes in your area for you to qualify for neighborhood patrol services.

Neighborhood Patrol Service

When you hire our security team, we spend 60-80 hours a week in your neighborhood to ensure nothing strange is going on. Times vary depending on the recommendation of the police department and crime statistics. While we can watch the entire neighborhood, we focus on the homes of those subscribed to our services.

Security Officer Watching Cameras

Personal Home Security

If you arrive home late at night and we happen to be on duty, you can call us, and we’ll escort you home. We can also keep an eye on your home when you are out in town. We’ll pick up papers and flyers at your home, so it looks like you are there. When your security alarm is triggered, we contact you and visit your home to assess the situation and verify if there was a true break-in.

Contact us to request patrol services from our company in Roseville, Michigan.

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